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Ofcom investigates BT’s customer contract information

Published: 4 March 2024
Last updated: 4 March 2024

Ofcom has today opened an investigation into BT’s compliance with its obligation to provide customers with clear and simple contract information before they sign up to a new deal.

Since 17 June 2022, telecoms providers have been required to give customers contract information and a short – usually one-page – summary of the main contract terms before signing up.

The summary must include key information about the price, length of the contract and the terms and conditions if a customer decides to end their contract early.

Customers with disabilities can also request to receive the documents in an accessible format.

These rules are an important way of helping people shop around with confidence and make informed choices about the right deal for them.

On 4 October 2022, we opened an investigation into EE, as we had reason to suspect it may have failed to comply with these requirements. We have since received information giving us reason to suspect that Plusnet – another BT subsidiary – may also have failed to comply with these requirements.

As a result, our investigation will now consider if BT has breached Ofcom’s rules because of suspected breaches by each of these subsidiaries.

We will gather further information and provide updates as our investigation progresses.

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