Wi-Fi app - further troubleshooting information

09 September 2015

If the Wi-Fi checker app detects your Wi-Fi may be slowing down your broadband, you may want to try the following:

  • Move your router away from electrical devices: Halogen lamps, electrical dimmer switches, stereo or computer speakers, Christmas fairy lights, TVs and monitors and AC power cords have all been known to cause interference to broadband routers.Keep your router as far away as possible from other electrical devices as well as those which emit wireless signals such as baby monitors etc.
  • Move your router: The walls and furniture in your house act as an obstacle to the Wi-Fi radio frequencies. Ideally routers should be kept centrally within the home and placed on a table or shelf rather than on the floor.
  • Try restarting your wireless router: This may automatically select a less busy Wi-Fi radio frequency.
  • Check the instructions: Look at the instructions for the wireless router to see if it allows you manually to select a less busy Wi-Fi channel.
  • Try running the app again: Run the app again closer to your wireless router. If this improves performance, try using your devices in these locations.
  • Turn off your internet connected devices: Try turning some of your internet connected devices off and running the app again. If performance improves you may be suffering from congestion in your Wi-Fi network. More recent home routers are often able to better cope with congestion.
  • Make sure you're using the router correctly: Check the router instructions to confirm it is operating correctly and has a connection to your broadband provider. Many home routers now indicate this using a light on the front panel.
  • Consider upgrading: If your home router is several years old you could try using a more recent one which often has improved performance.

Technical information about how the Wi-Fi Checker app works, and what information is collected, can be found in the white paper.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Wi-Fi Checker app, and Wi-Fi

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