How to improve your broadband speeds

26 July 2010

It's not just which provider you're with - or what deal you've signed up to - which can affect the speed of your connection.

If you get your broadband via a phone line then something as simple as how far you live from your local telephone exchange can affect the speed of your connection.

We've put together a video which includes simple tips on how you can improve your home broadband speed.

For example, installing microfilters into all your home phone sockets will allow broadband to work over the same line as your telephone service.

If they're not installed then broadband performance may suffer.

Consumer guide

We've also put together a guide on what to consider when signing up for a broadband deal.

It explains how a range of factors such as price, availability and quality of customer service need to be considered when making your choice.

Click here to download the consumer guide

Subtitled version of the video