Ofcom mobile research app

Help us to improve mobile phone services across the UK by taking part in Ofcom's first crowdsourced research project.

The information gathered will help us better understand how mobile networks perform across the UK, as well as how people use their mobile data services.

How it works

Anyone with an Android mobile phone can take part in the project by simply downloading the Ofcom Mobile Research app.

After downloading and installing the app you will be asked some basic questions such as your age group, gender, occupation, postcode and whether you have home broadband.

The app will then work quietly in the background on your phone, automatically measuring the performance of any mobile and Wi-Fi networks that you use.

It will help gather valuable information about:

  • reliability of voice calls,
  • mobile broadband performance and
  • users' experiences and habits, including app use.

The Ofcom app does not collect any information which can be used to directly identify you, but it does collect information about the apps you use, such as time spent on a particular app, but not what you use them for. For instance, it would log that the YouTube app was used, but not what was watched.

This information collected will be stored securely and will only be shared or published in an anonymous format. It may be used by our technical partner P3 for commercial purposes, such as providing technical consultancy service to the mobile industry to help improve network performance. The anonymised data or the research app will never be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

The findings

A summary of the performance of your connection will be displayed on the app's home screen and, from time to time, you will be asked to briefly rate how well you feel your mobile service is performing.

Ofcom's research aims to build an independent benchmark for both consumers and industry. The information will also allow us to meet the growing demand for more services. For example, understanding the apps people are using, and where and when they use them, will help us predict how much radio spectrum will be required in the future and plan accordingly.

Check out the first set of key findings, published June 2017.

For more information, read our FAQs below.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by emailing mobileresearch.app@ofcom.org.uk