Update on Ofcom’s mobile research app

Ofcom is no longer collecting data from our mobile research app. We would like to thank those people who downloaded the app, as it helped us to find out more about consumers’ experience of using their mobile phones.

The research, which ran for two years, was part of a wider set of work that looked at quality of service for mobile customers.

For people who still have the app installed, we recommend that you uninstall it. We will soon publish an update to the app which will prevent it from being able to collect data.

The update will also notify users of this change. However, if your device is not configured to receive automatic updates the app will continue to collect data. We will not access or use this data, but we advise that you either uninstall the app or run the new update to stop data collection.

We will also be presenting further findings from the research as part of Ofcom’s annual Communications Market 2018 report which will be published on our website in early August.