Guidance for Operators of Essential Services under the Network and Information Systems Regulations

04 January 2021

Ofcom’s updated guidance for The Network and Information Systems (Amendment and Transitional Provision etc.) Regulations 2020 will be published in early 2021. This document will replace the current guidance (NIS 2018 Guidance)  which sets out our views on how an Operator of Essential Services (OES) in the digital infrastructure sector could meet their obligations under these regulations.

In the interim, the amended regulations introduce a new requirement where any deemed OES within the digital infrastructure sector, who is not established within the United Kingdom, is required to nominate in writing a person in the United Kingdom with the authority to act on their behalf. The interim updated guidance page sets out how a non-UK OES can notify Ofcom of their nominated representative, and also how all OES can notify Ofcom of their deemed designation as an OES.

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