Consumer Protection Test for telephone number allocation

26 January 2009

Ofcom has introduced new restrictions on the way that we issue telephone numbers to communications providers to ensure the best use of numbers and to better protect consumers from scams, fraud and other forms of abuse. We have incorporated a test into the process for allocating numbers to communications providers known as the Consumer Protection Test for telephone number allocation (‘the CPT’).

The CPT focuses on companies and individuals that have used telephone numbers to cause serious or repeated harm to consumers. We will identify and publish lists of such individuals and companies and we will not allocate telephone numbers in the following number ranges to applicants who are on those lists:

  1. 070 personal numbers;
  2. 087 (excluding 0870) special services higher rate numbers; and
  3. 09 premium rate numbers.

We strongly encourage all providers that assign telephone numbers to others to take best use of numbers and consumer protection into account when making assignment decisions and to refer to the following two lists that we are publishing for that purpose.