Current regulation, including market reviews and charge controls, relating to Ethernet and Leased Lines, Mobile Call Termination, and Residential and Business Narrowband and Broadband Access and Fixed Telephony. Ongoing and previous regulation is also available in this section.

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The General Authorisation Regime

The telecommunications licensing regime has now been replaced by a general authorisation regime with the General Conditions of entitlement (that is, conditions which apply to all) and specific conditions (that is, conditions which apply to individuals).

Ethernet and leased lines

The Business Connectivity Market Review (BCMR) looks at the retail provision of Leased Lines (LL) and wholesale provision of terminating segments and trunk segments in the UK. This section includes information on Partial Private Circuits (PPC).

Mobile termination

The Mobile Call Termination (MCT) Market Review covers the wholesale service provided by a mobile communications provider to connect a call to a recipient on its network.

SMP guidelines

Documents setting out the principles that are applied in market reviews to assess significant market power.