General notice: Audit arrangements for Royal Mail's regulatory financial statements

Published: 6 May 2022
Last updated: 16 March 2023

As part of the ongoing monitoring of Royal Mail’s regulatory financial statements, we have signed a Regulator's Notice with respect to the audit of these statements. The Regulator's Notice states that the auditor of Royal Mail's regulatory financial statements, currently KMPG LLP, accepts responsibility to Ofcom in respect of its audit of those regulatory financial statements, subject to a capped limitation on the auditor's liabilities and a disclaimer of rights to third parties.

We state in respect of publication of any information extracted from the regulatory financial statements that:

  • the information is an extract from Royal Mail's regulatory financial statements;
  • a copy of the public version of Royal Mail's regulatory financial statements, including the audit report issued by KPMG LLP, is available on Royal Mail's website;
  • limitations on the scope of the auditor's work and the duty of care it owes are set out in an Engagement Letter; and
  • in particular, the audit report is addressed to Royal Mail, and to Ofcom as Royal Mail's Regulator, and shall not be relied upon by any other person or for any other purpose.
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