Post letters industry data collection

16 March 2018

Collection of quarterly data relating to access mail, end-to-end letters and other letters services provided by an operator other than Royal Mail.

Submitting returns

Return submissions should be made through the Ofcom Online Services Portal.

Ofcom no longer accepts excel email submissions.

Guidance on submissions

For information on the data required, and the submission process, see our user guide for post letters return (PDF, 1.2 MB).

Failure to provide data

This information is requested under Section 55 and Schedule 8 of the Postal Services Act 2011, which sets out that Ofcom requires postal service providers to provide postal volume and revenue data, for use for such purposes as it sees fit. You are therefore required to ensure that your response is complete and accurate in any material particular. You may wish to seek your own independent legal advice.

Please note, Part 2 of Schedule 8 of the Postal Services Act 2011 sets out that failure to comply may result in enforcement action being taken by Ofcom to impose (among other things) a penalty of up to £50,000. Such action could also, in certain circumstances, result in Ofcom restricting or suspending your entitlement to provide postal services. Any offences under Part 2 of Schedule 8 of failing to provide the requested information or of providing false information may also be prosecuted.

Changes to collection of postal data

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