Connected Nations and infrastructure reports

Annual reports on the UK’s communications infrastructure, encompassing fixed broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, digital television, digital radio and the internet.

Our annual Connected Nations reports (previously called the Infrastructure Report) chart the UK’s evolving communications infrastructure, and our progress towards becoming genuinely connected nations.

In addition to the reports, you can find summaries of their key themes, as well as supporting data.

This report tracks the progress in growing the availability of good communications services in 2016, and how the UK is working towards a robust and visionary next generation of services.

Connected Nations 2016

This report charts the evolution of the UK’s communications infrastructure in 2015. It reflects our work to ensure services are available where people live and work, call connections are clear and robust, and data is being down- and up-loaded at speeds that deliver a good experience.

Connected Nations 2015

This report provides an overview of the state of the UK’s communications infrastructure in 2014: its coverage, capacity and reliability. We consider these at a national level and the variation across the UK.

Infrastructure report 2014 - 08 Dec 2014

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This report provides a snapshot of the state of the UK communications infrastructure in 2013. It focuses on the coverage and capacity of the networks which are used by the large majority of UK consumers.

Infrastructure report 2013 update PDF, 2.6 MB

Fixed broadband postcode level data 2013 (1) ZIP, 5.8 MB

Fixed broadband postcode level data 2013 (2) ZIP, 5.8 MB

This update highlights some of the most notable changes in the UK’s communications infrastructure in 2012. These include the growing availability and take-up of superfast broadband, the rising use of mobile internet services, and the completion of digital TV switchover.

Infrastructure report 2012 update PDF, 1.2 MB

This report provides data on various aspects of broadband services delivered over fixed telecoms networks in 2011.

Communications Infrastructure report 2011 - Fixed broadband data PDF, 337.5 KB