Internet Citizens 2013

05 November 2013

This report provides an overview of metrics relating to UK adults' online participation in citizen-orientated content and services; in other words, those elements of online activity which further societal or democratic participation.

A selected range of core topics are covered, including use of government websites, e-petitions, health, public service broadcasting, news, local websites, hyperlocal sites, citizen journalism, cultural activities and libraries. It is the first time that we have examined these activities together, and we have done so to gain a clearer picture of their relative performance online. Where possible, findings are provided for the devolved nations as well as for the UK as a whole.
The report is published as part of our Annual Plan commitment to providing information and high quality research to understand levels of participation in communications services across the UK and its nations. The main data source used is the comScore online measurement system, supplemented with a selected range of published survey research.

The report is designed to be an exploratory examination of the landscape. We welcome comments on our approach and the topics covered, and suggestions as to how it can be modified in any future publications.

Full report

Internet Citizens 2013 (PDF, 577.3 KB)