Internet citizens 2017

14 June 2017

Ofcom has a principal duty to further the interests of citizens, and this includes seeking to ensure that people have access to the services and content they need in order to participate fully in society.

This report provides an update to our 2015 Internet Citizens publication and gives an overview of UK adults’ online use of services and content in a range of citizen-orientated areas.

It is challenging to create a fully comprehensive and universally-accepted list of online citizen-related content and services. We do not claim such comprehensiveness here. While this report focuses on readily-available metrics such as comScore, Ofcom surveys and the DCMS Taking Part survey, there is a wealth of more granular activity that may not be captured by these means, so feedback on what else might be included is welcomed.

Nonetheless, we have selected five core categories that, taken together, can be seen to represent a landscape of broadly citizen-orientated content and services that enable participation in society. These are: government and politics, health information, education, participatory media and arts, culture and libraries.

Full report

Internet Citizens: full report 2017 (PDF, 1.4 MB)