Online data economy value chain

UK citizens and consumers are using online services for a wide range of daily activities, accessed through internet enabled devices.

In consuming and interacting online, people routinely provide information about themselves, for instance by registering for a service, making online purchases or simply interacting with webpages. This vast amount of data is considered commercially valuable and its usage underpins the emergence of innovative new business models.

Technological and commercial innovation in the use of this data is important to stakeholders in sectors that Ofcom regulates. Ofcom has a statutory duty to further the interests of citizens in relation to communication matters. It is also guided by a regulatory principle to research markets constantly. Ofcom aims to remain at the forefront of technological developments.

In this context, Ofcom commissioned Analysys Mason to prepare an independent report examining the role of online user data in five sectors: the online, audio-visual, fixed and mobile telecommunications, and postal sectors. The report focuses on the principal ways in which online user data is used in these sectors, how it is contributing to growth, and what factors may support or hinder the further development of user-data business models.

Online data economy value chain (PDF, 920.4 KB)
A report for Ofcom by Analysys Mason

Online data economy value chain - Annexes (PDF, 1015.5 KB)
A report for Ofcom by Analysys Mason