Children's and young people's access to online content on mobile devices, games consoles and portable media players

09 February 2015

The purpose of this study is to give an overview of children’s and young people’s reported access to content when using mobile phones, games consoles and portable media players, with a particular focus on experiences of “inappropriate content” when using these devices to go online.

The study was a quantitative survey conducted in March/April 2009 in the UK, comprising 797 face-to-face interviews with children aged 7-16 and their parent/carer.

  • Ownership and use of mobile phones, games consoles and portable media players amojng children and young people;
  • Parents’/carers’ concerns, rules and restrictions about their children’s use of these devices;
  • Parents’/carers’ awareness of the existence of and use of access controls;
  • Children’s and young people’s experience of encountering inappropriate content; and
  • Children’s and young people’s sources of information about staying safe online and what information they feel is needed; and any further help/support that parents/carers think they need to help keep their children safe online