The Communications Market: Interactive

03 August 2017

The interactive tools below contain key data sets from the Communications Market Report 2017. They allow you to set the criteria you’re most interested in, to see how take-up and use of services vary by a range of factors, including the type of service and consumer demographics.

See the Ofcom mobile research app interactive report

Ofcom’s research app collects data from a panel of Android smartphone users. The interactive tool allows you to compare the technologies (Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G) used to access mobile data services, and how this varies by service (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, BBC News).

See the technology tracker interactive report

Our technology tracker collects data on take-up and use of fixed and mobile telephony and internet connected devices, as well as radio listening activities. See how take-up varies by a range of demographic factors including location, age and socio-economic group.

See the changing TV landscape interactive report

We conducted research on the use of on-demand and streaming television services, such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. See how use of, and attitudes to these services varies by age, gender, location and socio-economic group.

See the post interactive report

Our residential postal tracker collects information about people’s use of postal services. See how spend on post, and frequency of using post, varies by demographic, and which communications services people are using instead of post.