The Communications Market: Bitesize

03 August 2017

The communications market plays a crucial role in the lives of consumers, and the fast-paced nature of the market means this role is ever-changing.

This summary report draws on the findings of the 2017 Communications Market Report. Its aim is to underline the importance of communications to consumers and highlight how the market is changing in 2017, in a brief and accessible form.

The Communications Market Report exists to provide a reference for industry, stakeholders and consumers across the sectors Ofcom regulates: fixed-line and mobile telecoms, TV, radio and video-on-demand services, post, and the airwaves used by wireless devices.

It supports Ofcom’s goal to research markets constantly and remain at the forefront of technological understanding, as well as fulfilling the requirements on Ofcom under Section 358 of the Communications Act 2003 to publish an annual factual and statistical report, and in Sections 14 and 15, to undertake and make public our consumer research.

More in-depth analysis of the UK communications market is available in the full report, and in-depth analysis of communications in the nations is available in the reports for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.