Digital Day

04 August 2016

The study

In Q1 2016 we conducted an in-depth quantitative diary study into UK adults’ and children’s total media and communications activities to provide an overview of the role of media and communications in people’s lives.

The research provides a snapshot of media and communications behaviour over a seven-day period, exploring when and how people use services and devices throughout the day, covering both personal and work/study use; in and away from home.

Adult participants recorded activity in a paper diary booklet for seven days, and this was transferred on a daily basis using a dedicated website (completed by the respondent or with the help of a telephone interview).

A nationally representative sample of 1,512 adults aged 16+ completed the diary across the UK. A shorter 3-day diary study was also undertaken among 476 children aged 6-15.

The data

The data can be accessed by visiting This interactive site allows you to select pre-built PowerPoint slides, and apply a range of filters to them. It also allows you to download full pre-created chart decks where filters (e.g. adults 16+ or children aged 6-15) have already been applied.