End of contract notification

21 March 2016

One of Ofcom's key priorities is to 'Promote effective competition and informed choice' with major work areas aimed at 'improving the process of switching providers for consumers'. In order for consumers to benefit from competition, they must be able to switch between products and services without undue effort, disruption and anxiety.

Evidence from Ofcom's Switching Tracker and the Customer Retention and Interoperability Research has suggested that significant proportions of Switchers experience difficulties when making a switch.

Ofcom would now like to update and build on their understanding of certain switching related issues and in particular, they are keen to understand the impact that awareness of (or lack of) 'end of contract dates/terms' may have on consumer engagement.

This research has explored consumers knowledge of contract end dates across the Triple Play, Dual Play, Pay TV (standalone) and Mobile markets, as well as interest in being informed of their contract end date and the usefulness of knowing contract end dates when considering switching.

End of Contract Notification - research results (PDF, 397.5 KB)