Oxford Media Convention 2016: Ofcom factsheets

29 February 2016

The following factsheets have been compiled by Ofcom and provide some background information to aid discussion at the 2016 Oxford Media Convention. They contain data from various Ofcom publications including The Communications Market Report 2015 ('The CMR'), The Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2015 ('PSB Annual Report'), the UK Audience Attitudes to the Broadcast Media Report 2015, the News Report 2015 and the Consumer Experience of 2014 Report.

Ofcom Factsheet Contents (PDF, 37.3 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 1 - TV output (PDF, 136.6 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 2 - TV spend (PDF, 149.7 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 3 - TV output and spend in the UK nations and regions (PDF, 144.5 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 4 - Consumption of broadcast TV and news (PDF, 160.0 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 5 - Audience opinions (PDF, 225.7 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 6 - Ownership of media devices and services (PDF, 140.9 KB)

Ofcom Factsheet 7 - Video-on-Demand (PDF, 173.6 KB)