Improving the information on coverage

25 May 2017

Consumers need accurate, easily understandable information to help them choose a broadband provider.

Ofcom already provides a mobile app and online tool that enable consumers to check the speed of broadband services in different areas, down to individual addresses. This information is particularly useful when consumers are looking to change supplier or move home. Often, they may receive it from specialist service providers aimed at consumers looking to switch utilities, or buy or rent a property.

Ofcom is now working with major broadband providers, including BT and Virgin Media, to make this data more widely available to relevant organisations, such as price comparison and home-mover websites.1

We are inviting these, or similar sites, to contact us at to register their interest in receiving this data. We aim to increase the number of broadband providers in the coming year.

Our online tool also allows consumers to check mobile coverage throughout the UK. We would like to hear from third parties, via the above email address, who are interested in using the tool to enable consumers to access this information.

The deadline for expressing an interest is Friday 16 June 2017.

1. This data describes the speeds of the broadband services that are available, in principle, to every residential and small business property in the country. It does not include any personal data, such as data that could identify an individual or the broadband services to which they subscribe.