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Research, data and reports relating to postal services in the UK.

The affordability of universal postal services

This report explaining consumers' use of and needs for post; and how we will monitor affordability of universal postal services on an ongoing basis.

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Data tables of research into users needs for postal services


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Connected Nations and infrastructure reports

Annual reports on the UK’s fixed broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, digital television, digital radio and internet infrastructure.

Advice for consumers

Frequently asked questions about the postal service, including information on how to complain.

Post FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the postal service, including information on how to complain

Ofcom concludes review of Royal Mail regulation

01 March 2017

Ofcom has concluded a comprehensive review of Royal Mail and its delivery of the universal postal service.

Ofcom supports new Welsh language standards

25 January 2017

Ofcom is increasing its commitment to the Welsh language by implementing new standards from today.

Connected Nations 2016

16 December 2016

The United Kingdom depends on various infrastructures, and one of the most important is the nation’s communications.

Making the right call: Making Brexit work for UK consumers of communications

01 December 2016

Speech by Sharon White to the Institute for Government 1 December 2016

Annual monitoring updates on the postal market

30 November 2016

An effective and ongoing monitoring regime is one of the key safeguards of the regulatory framework that Ofcom put in place in the UK postal sector in March 2012

Ofcom’s proposed work programme for 2017/18

29 November 2016

Ofcom has today published its proposed 2017/18 Annual Plan for consultation, outlining its areas of work for the next financial year.

The Communications Market Report 2016

04 August 2016

This is Ofcom’s thirteenth annual Communications Market report. This supports Ofcom’s regulatory goal to research markets and to remain at the forefront of technological understanding.

Digital detoxers ditch their devices

04 August 2016

Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2016 finds that one in three adult internet users (34%), equivalent to 15 million people in the UK, has sought a period of time offline, with one in ten (11%) doing so in the last week alone.

Universal postal service returns to financial health

25 May 2016

The universal postal service is financially sustainable, Ofcom reports today, while current rules and safeguards for people and businesses who use post are generally working well.

Fast Facts

Statistics and facts on the communications industry taken from Ofcom research publications

31m UK viewers prepare for a catch-up Christmas

10 December 2015

New Ofcom research shows we're now using our TV gadgets more than any other major country.

UK now a smartphone society

06 August 2015

Smartphones overtake laptops as the most popular device for getting online, with record ownership and use transforming the way we communicate.

Ofcom issues ‘Statement of Objections’ to Royal Mail in relation to wholesale charges

28 July 2015

This is part of Ofcom’s investigation into a complaint brought to it by one of Royal Mail’s competitors, Whistl UK Ltd (formerly known as TNT Post UK).

Ofcom to review the regulation of Royal Mail

16 June 2015

Ofcom has today announced a fundamental review of the regulation of Royal Mail. The review will ensure regulation remains appropriate and sufficient to secure the universal postal service, given the recent withdrawal by Whistl from the ‘direct delivery’ letters market, which has resulted in Royal Mail no longer being subject to national competition.

International work

Ofcom's activities and those of the companies it regulates are increasingly influenced by international developments.