Technology evolution in the PMSE sector

10 December 2014

We recognise the increasing pressure on spectrum for the programme making and special events (PMSE) industry. This results from ever-increasing editorial demand for the flexibility and immediacy that wireless capture enables. At the same time there is a reduction in spectrum availability as a result of various spectrum release projects, both within Ofcom and also the Public Sector (Public Sector Spectrum Release). We have therefore conducted a PMSE Spectrum Review, which, amongst other things, focuses on users of wireless cameras and video links in particular.

As part of this review, we commissioned an independent study to explore how existing spectrum can be used more efficiently through improvements in technology. We also explored how the demand for spectrum may change due to an increase in production quality through higher video and audio definition and increased editorial requirements, such as more ‘on-board’ cameras.

The study concluded that, in general, technology advances will make possible future predicted deployments despite proposed reductions in available spectrum, so long as equipment manufacturers, hire companies and other users have sufficient incentive to invest in them. This means, as a minimum, a long-term guarantee of the spectrum available to PMSE, so that the high development costs and equipment costs can be amortised over time, for the relatively small manufactured volumes of professional equipment.

Ofcom's technical programme enables us to keep up to date with technologies and trends, so that we can be in the best possible position to execute our regulatory duties. We do not conduct investigations in-house but make use of external resources, such as private commercial organisations, university departments and government funded research institutions. These reports present the findings of technical work conducted on Ofcom’s behalf. The opinions and conclusions stated within these reports are those of the organisations who conducted the work and may not reflect the view of Ofcom or imply any future policy work in related areas. Ofcom is not responsible for the content or accuracy of these reports.

Full report

Technology Evolution in the PMSE Sector - main report (PDF, 1.8 MB)
A report for Ofcom by Cambridge Consultants

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A report for Ofcom by Cambridge Consultants