Research Report: voice over internet protocol (VoIP)

26 July 2007

This research report draws on the findings of three prices of Ofcom research on VoIP use.

In Ofcom’s consultation Regulation of VoIP Services, 22 February 2006, and our Statement on the Regulation of VoIP Services, 29 March 2007, we undertook to monitor developments in VoIP use to inform our policy on VoIP regulation, especially regarding access to emergency services over VoIP. The findings of this report were taken into account when formulating the proposals in our consultation, Regulation of VoIP services: Access to the emergency services, 26 July 2007.

This report draws on three pieces of quantitative research among UK consumers commissioned by Ofcom:

  • Ofcom's communications tracking survey of c.2,200 UK adults per quarter;
  • A face-to-face survey of UK adults conducted in May 2006 to explore VoIP take-up (the May 2006 research); and
  • An online survey of 500 VoIP users designed to gain a better understanding of consumer usage. This survey was carried out in October 2006 (the October 2006 research).

Together, these pieces of research show the growth of VoIP use in the UK and the types of products being used. Further, the research shows that, in general, users are not fully aware of the extra functions or limits of the products they are using.

Full report

Research Report: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (PDF, 163.8 KB)