CSMG report on international deployments of video relay services

18 December 2012

We commissioned CSMG to carry out an independent study of international deployments of video relay provision. It has produced a report of its findings.

While this report was intended primarily to assist our review, we have decided to publish it separately as we consider that it will be useful for the current initiative which is being considered in the relay services working sub-group of DCMS eAccessibility Forum. This initiative is to encourage provision of video relay services in the UK on a non-legislative basis (e.g. by public and private organisations to their customers) as well as explore the barriers to wider provision of video relay services. The report may also provide a basis for further Ofcom work looking into CSMG's findings.

Ofcom fully supports this initiative, and is working with other stakeholders to progress it. Depending on the outcome of this initiative, we will review whether, and what, regulatory avenues are appropriate.

Full report

International Deployments of Video Relay Services (PDF, 1.5 MB)