UK fixed broadband speeds, November/December 2010

02 March 2011

This is the fourth report into fixed-line broadband speeds that Ofcom has published using data collected by research partner SamKnows Limited (SamKnows). It sets out the findings from data collected during the period 1 November 2010 to 15 December 2010, during which 765 million tests were run across a panel of 1,710 UK residential broadband users. We believe that the integrity of our hardware-based technical methodology, combined with the scale of the project and the sophistication of the statistical analysis, makes this research the most robust analysis of fixed-line broadband speeds in the UK.

Full report

UK fixed broadband speeds, November/December 2010 (PDF, 834.9 KB)

UK Broadband Speeds - Media Briefing Slides (PDF, 705.6 KB)

Ofcom response to the ASA consultation on broadband advertising (PDF, 248.2 KB)

Consumer research into broadband speeds advertising (PDF, 388.3 KB)