Ofcom Fixed Telecoms Market Information Update, May 2004

19 May 2004

This update presents a summary of revenue, volume and market share trends from the residential and business fixed telecoms markets for 2003.

The underlying data are the continuation of time-series information previously published by Oftel in its own Fixed Market Information Updates.

Ofcom is currently developing new regular external reporting processes for these and similar data. While it is likely that the majority of the data previously published by Oftel will continue to be made available the precise format is not yet clear. In the interests of ensuring continued access to users of the latest available information, however, Ofcom is publishing the underlying data in broadly its previous form.

Users should note that there have been some revisions to some of the earlier period data previously published by Oftel.

Full report

Ofcom Fixed Telecoms Market Information Update (PDF, 156.2 KB)