Consumer experiences of mobile phone calls

12 August 2014

This document sets out information on the consumer experience of mobile voice calls. It presents data on the percentage of mobile calls that are successfully completed on each of the mobile operators’ networks.

We have used data provided by the mobile operators and data from an independent mobile analytics firm, RootMetrics© .

One of Ofcom’s priority areas is to improve the quality of consumers’ mobile experience, and the data being published today is part of a broader programme of work aimed at improving the information available to consumers and policy makers.

The operator data is derived from their network management systems. The data does not allow for direct comparisons between each operator to be made. It does however provide a view of how overall performance in the UK has changed over recent years. The RootMetrics data is derived from test calls placed on each network in the second half of 2013: it shows how performance varies in different nations of the UK, in rural and urban areas, and allows for comparisons between each operator to be made.

Consumer research conducted by Ofcom earlier this year shows that mobile users in rural areas are less satisfied than their urban counterparts, and that these consumers experience problems with making phone calls more frequently. The call performance data from RootMetrics supports these findings. The operator data indicates that there has not been a material degradation in quality over recent years across the UK as a whole.

Full report

Consumer experiences of mobile phone calls (PDF, 186.8 KB)