Consumer switching experience research

28 January 2015

In March 2014 Ofcom commissioned Futuresight to conduct exploratory qualitative research among consumers intending to switch one or more communications services.

The overall objective was to understand the experiences consumers have when trying to switch.

The research examined these experiences at various key stages in the switching journey, covering initial engagement with the market, assessment of switching options, decision-making on whether to switch or not, and completion among those who decided to switch. The research investigated consumer experiences at these stages in the pay TV, fixed landline, fixed broadband and mobile markets, with a particular focus on...

  • Motivations for switching
  • Perceived availability and limitations of choice
  • The impact that interactions with current and potential gaining providers have on the decision to switch
  • What consumers gain or lose by switching or not switching
  • The impact of current switching processes

Switching communications provider: the consumer experience (PDF, 1.8 MB)
A report for Ofcom by Futuresight