Advertising regulation review: publication of econometric analysis, and next steps

24 May 2010

Ofcom is today publishing an independent econometric study of the demand for TV advertising.

It provides one of a range of inputs into a review Ofcom is conducting of current rules on the amount of advertising permitted on television. Amongst other issues, we shall also be looking at the impacts on the TV advertising market of possible changes to the Airtime Sales Rules, and the recent decision of the Competition Commission to retain a modified version of the Contract Renewal Rights arrangements.

Ofcom will be publishing a consultation on the review in due course, and will invite views on the options it will set out. To allow time for interested parties to consider the econometric analysis, we shall be deferring this consultation until later. As a result, any changes to rules that might have a significant effect on the market will not take effect until 2012. Any decisions that Ofcom takes as a result of the review will need to take account of the full range of our statutory duties, including those summarised in paragraph 1.14 and 1.15 below.

Full report

An econometric analysis of the TV advertising market: final report (PDF, 986.1 KB)