New News, Future News

04 July 2007

The prospects for television news in a fully digital era are a central element in any consideration of the future of public service broadcasting (PSB).

News is regarded by viewers as the most important of all the PSB genres, and television remains by far the most used source of news for UK citizens. The role of news and information as part of the democratic process is long established, and its status is specifically underpinned in the Communications Act 2003.

This report, New News, Future News, is one of a series of Ofcom studies focussing on individual topics identified in the PSB Review of 2004/05, and further discussed in the Digital PSB report of July 2006. The others are on the provision of children’s programmes and on the prospects for a Public Service Publisher. All three studies are linked to areas of particular PSB concern for the future, and set out a framework for policy consideration ahead of the next full PSB review. Other Ofcom work of relevance includes the review of Channel 4’s funding.

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Published 22 Oct 2007

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