Radio Advertising Market Research

19 October 2006

Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. Ofcom undertook this research to develop its understanding of the radio advertising industry and the competitive constraints faced by suppliers of radio advertising airtime. In particular Ofcom was interested in understanding the extent to which pricing in radio advertising markets appears to be affected by other media.

The Competition Commission last examined the provision of radio advertising in May 2003. Since this time the radio and advertising industry has developed in a number of ways which may have affected the competitive landscape. These developments include:

  • a decline in commercial radio advertising revenue;
  • the BBC’s increased market share of radio listening;
  • the growth in DAB digital radio penetration;
  • online and outdoor advertising growth; and
  • a decline in press circulation.

This research allows Ofcom to examine the radio advertising industry in the light of these changes.

Full Reports

Radio Advertising Market Research (PDF, 407.1 KB)

Supporting Document 1 (PDF, 256.6 KB)

Supporting Document 2 (PDF, 121.4 KB)