Driving Digital Switchover

05 April 2004

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport asked Ofcom to report on the progress towards digital switchover. This is our report.

We believe that switchover is desirable and achievable; it would substantially improve the structure of the broadcasting market and benefit the wider economy.

Less than six years since its launch, more than half of UK homes have digital TV. In areas where there is a choice between free-to-view and pay digital TV, take-up is around 60 per cent.

We expect digital take-up to continue to grow strongly over the next two years. Thereafter, its growth is likely to slow. Ofcom's projections suggest that digital take-up will level off at around 80 per cent of households

The market alone will not deliver switchover. It is time for the UK digital TV project to change gear and move from planning to implementation. Greater certainty over the timing of switchover would be an important step.

A new implementation body should be established. It should have the necessary funding, remit, leadership, resources and sufficient independence to encourage greater take-up of digital TV and to manage the difficult process of full switchover in the near future.

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Driving Digital Switchover (PDF, 980.4 KB)

Driving digital switchover - Plain English Summary (PDF, 138.0 KB)

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