Summary of research on the ease of use of domestic digital television equipment

08 March 2006

Introduction and background

Digital switchover provides the consumer electronics industry with the opportunity to supply new digital television receivers that will bring consumers a wider choice of channels and new interactive services. To help ensure that all consumers, including those currently relying on analogue only television reception, embrace and fully utilise the new digital services it is important that the receiver equipment is easy and convenient to use.

Ofcom has a duty under Section 10 the 2003 Communications Act to promote the development and availability of easy to use consumer equipment, and this report provides a summary of the research conducted by the ITC and Ofcom over the last three years on digital television receiver equipment usability. The intention of this report is provide background information on equipment usability for stakeholders involved in the practical management and implementation of digital switchover, including Digital UK, equipment manufacturers, and broadcasters. Ofcom does not plan to conduct further research in this area but it is willing to provide additional information and insights gained from the research if required.

This report describes recent user and expert evaluations of available digital television products and services which has informed the development of two prototype checklists for:

  • the design of easy to use digital television receiver equipment including on-screen guides and remote controls; and
  • the provision of easy to use installation and set-up instructions for digital terrestrial television receivers.

Full report

Summary of research on the ease of use of domestic digital television equipment (PDF, 98.8 KB)