Satellite earth stations

This section provides licensing information in relation to satellite earth stations and GNSS repeaters. It also provides information about the grant of Recognised Spectrum Access (RSA) for Receive-only Earth Stations (ROES).

A Satellite Earth Station (SES) is a type of radio equipment used to communicate with a space station (satellite) from the Earth's surface. They are typically used to provide telephony, data, backhaul, broadcast feeder links and two-way business/consumer broadband, or corporate-type communications.

GNSS repeater equipment consists of an external antenna for the reception of the GNSS signal and an amplifier (with a restricted maximum gain) connected via cabling to a second antenna inside a building. This re-radiates the GNSS signals inside a building, allowing, within a limited distance of that transmit antenna, the continued operation of GNSS receivers.

Apply for SES and GNSS repeater licences

Information about satellite earth station licensing