Interference to business radio

10 November 2017

If you use a radio system for your business, you will need a business radio licence from Ofcom.

Business radio users range from taxi companies and factories, to hospitals, care homes, industrial sites and transport operators.

Ofcom may visit business radio licence holders and conduct an inspection to ensure that the radio apparatus is being operated in accordance with the terms, provisions and limitations of the licence. Where we encounter discrepancies, we may:

  • issue a notice requiring that the station or apparatus is brought into conformity
  • require that the station is closed
  • take enforcement action.

Like other radio users, business radio users may experience interference to radio reception. This is normally caused by:

  • unlicensed use of wireless telegraphy apparatus
  • electromagnetic disturbance from apparatus or installations
  • inadequate immunity or receiver selectivity.

Read more about the usual causes below and how to find guidance and assistance.

Causes of interference

How to reduce interference

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