Interference to amateur radio

18 June 2019

Amateur radio describes the use of radio apparatus as a hobby, usually to self-training and recreation under the terms, provisions and limitations of a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence granted by Ofcom to individuals qualified by examination. Learn more about amateur radio licensing.

Like other radio users, amateur radio enthusiasts may experience interference to radio reception. This is normally caused by:

  • unlicensed use of wireless telegraphy apparatus or the use outside the terms, provisions and limitations set out in a licence or licence exemption regulations;
  • electromagnetic disturbance from apparatus or installations
  • inadequate immunity or receiver selectivity.

Read more about the usual causes below and how to find guidance and assistance.

Advice and assistance

The RSGB can assist radio amateurs and others who may be affected by problems which occur within the amateur bands, or which develop on other frequencies as a result of amateur transmissions. Email:

Report harmful interference or contact us at:

Spectrum Management Centre
Baldock Radio Station

Tel: 020 7981 3131 (option 2)


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