Reporting interference

If you are experiencing interference Ofcom will offer you advice and assistance, either on the phone or by email.

We may also send a spectrum engineering officer to carry out an investigation. We will not usually investigate a case unless we are satisfied that the interference is ‘harmful’, outside your control and all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise the effect.

Problems caused by congestion

Problems can arise when multiple users operate in the same channel at the same time in close proximity, causing 'congestion’. Ofcom will not normally investigate problems with this type use. We may be able to help in exceptional circumstances, for example a widespread problem affecting many users.

What we need from you

If we send a spectrum engineering officer to investigate, you will be required to agree with our terms and conditions. You may be liable for the cost of the investigation if Ofcom considers that the source is within your control.

Ofcom will exercise discretion on whether to investigate a report of interference. The regulatory regime does not necessarily guarantee that interference will not arise or that enforcement action will be taken to prevent it occurring.

Before reporting interference to Ofcom, and to minimise the risk of incurring costs subject to our terms and conditions of undertaking an investigation, you should:

  • keep a log of all incidents including the time, date and station or apparatus affected (ideally for two weeks)
  • establish that the source of harmful interference is not within your control (e.g. within your own property)
  • ensure the affected station or apparatus is functioning correctly (e.g. installed, maintained and engineered).

Interference to BBC television and radio services

The BBC is responsible for dealing with complaints of interference to domestic television and radio reception except where the source is an unlicensed broadcast station. Ofcom will offer advice and assistance, and where appropriate investigate, where we receive reports of harmful interference from consumers and citizens.

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Reporting interference to Ofcom

If you are satisfied that the interference is likely to be assessed as harmful, is outside your control and the affected apparatus is functioning correctly, please tell us by completing one of our online forms.

If you:

To help us provide the right assistance, please:

  • provide details of the source of the affected transmission, such as the name, location, and licensed status of the apparatus, station or installation
  • describe the characteristics of the interference (e.g. whether it is constant or intermittent, whether there are patterns, etc.)
  • tell us when you first experienced the problem
  • tell us if a business is affected by the transmission.

You can ask us for advice and assistance or report harmful interference by contacting us at:

Spectrum Management Centre
Baldock Radio Station

Tel: 020 7981 3131 (option 2)


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