TV or radio interference or reception problems

The BBC is now responsible for investigating complaints of interference to domestic radio and television.

Potential causes of interference inside the home can include central heating thermostats, fridge-freezers and some dimmer switches, for example on halogen lights. Under some circumstances, radio or other electrical equipment outside your home can also cause interference.

Before reporting interference to the BBC, you should check your TV or Radio installation to ensure it is operating correctly. In some cases, faults such as poor aerial connections, can be the cause of the interference.

How do I report problems caused by illegal broadcasters (pirates)?

Communal aerial systems

If you receive television reception from a communal aerial system, for example you live in a block of flats; you should contact your landlord or aerial contractor for help.

Owners of communal aerial systems

If you own a communal aerial system as a landlord or for your business (for example, TV retailer) and you require assistance investigating interference, you can request the help of our specialist engineers.

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