Consultation: BBC’s request to change the Operating Licence

Published: 14 December 2022
Consultation closes: 18 January 2023
Status: Closed (pending statement)

Audiences are central to the BBC’s remit. While the way the BBC delivers for them is changing, the BBC must continue to reach and resonate with all audiences.

Recognising that Ofcom’s regulation should enable the BBC to make changes, while also holding the BBC to account for delivering its Mission and Public Purposes, we set out proposals for a new Operating Licence for the BBC in June 2022. We proposed to fully incorporate the BBC’s online services, to give the BBC greater flexibility to decide how best to reach audiences, and to require the BBC to publish more information about its plans and delivery in its Annual Plan and its Annual Report.

In response to our consultation, the BBC requested we make further changes to the Operating Licence to enable it to implement certain changes to its content provision. Firstly, the BBC requested a reduction in Radio 5 Live’s news and current affairs quota from 75% to 70%. Second, it requested we remove the quota for live music on BBC Radio 2 and replace it with a requirement for the BBC to set out its plans for live music in its Annual Plan and report on its live music provision in its Annual Report. Finally, the BBC requested a reduction in its quota for news and non-news content on the opt-out services. This consultation considers the BBC’s request.

Update 23 March 2023 – new operating licence

Following extensive consultation, we have today published a new, modernised operating licence for the BBC.

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