Statement: Broadcasting Code Review

Published: 15 December 2016
Consultation closes: 9 February 2017
Status: Closed (statement published)

This document sets out Ofcom’s amendments to the Broadcasting Code (“the Code”) so that it applies to the BBC. It also includes other amendments to ensure the Code remains clear and relevant for all broadcasters and on demand programme service providers we regulate.

The new BBC Charter and Agreement require that the BBC’s UK Broadcasting and On Demand Programme Services(-1-) comply with the Code, and that Ofcom must secure content standards for the BBC. In December 2016, Ofcom published a consultation on proposed changes to the Code to reflect these requirements.

Ofcom has carefully considered all consultation responses and this statement concludes the review. The revised Broadcasting Code will come into effect when Ofcom takes over responsibility for regulating the BBC on the Effective Date contained in the Charter, which is 3 April 2017(-2-).


1.-Such as the BBC iPlayer and iPlayer Kids (both audiovisual and sound programmes).

2.- Ofcom has already published the revised versions of Section Five, Section Six and Ofcom’s rules on Party Political and Referendum Broadcasts (“the PPRB Rules”) on the Ofcom website ( These rules came into effect on 22 March 2017, when we began regulating the BBC in these areas, and the election period for the May 2017 elections commenced.

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