Audio listening in the UK

Published: 15 April 2024
Last updated: 16 April 2024

This report outlines the findings from Ofcom research into people’s audio habits: what they listen to, how they’re listening and why

With more choice than ever before, listeners’ needs and expectations of audio services are changing. Once limited to live radio and physical formats like vinyl, cassettes and CDs, online streaming means that people can now choose from a near-infinite range of specially curated playlists, podcasts and radio stations across a number of online services.

This summary report primarily focuses on findings from our annual Audio and Podcast Surveys, which ask people about their use of and attitudes towards different types of audio. Additional insights from RAJAR and other sources are also included for context. This is a complementary publication to our annual Media Nations report, which looks more broadly at the wider radio industry and market developments.

Technical reports, with more information on how our surveys are conducted, and full data tables are available to download from the Ofcom statistical release calendar.

Audio Report (PDF, 274.4 KB)

Audio Survey Full data tables (XLSX, 61.4 MB)

Audio Survey Questonnaire (PDF, 371.8 KB)

Audio Survey Q1 only CATI Data Tables Q(XLSX, 431.3 KB)

Audio Survey Technical Report (PDF, 155.7 KB)

Podcast Survey Full Data tables (XLSX, 18.2 MB)

Podcast Survey Questionnaire (PDF, 500.0 KB)

Podcast Survey Technical Report (PDF, 138.1 KB)

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