The current situation

This section includes our monitoring reports on diversity and equal opportunities in broadcasting, including our interactive data reports.

You can also find links to other areas of our work which relate to diversity, including our role in regulating the BBC and the public service broadcasters.

Annual monitoring reports

Our annual reports provide a picture of how well broadcasters are promoting equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

TV and radio

Diversity and equal opportunity in TV and radio – 2021 and 2020 reports


Diversity and equal opportunity in TV – 2017–9 reports


Diversity and equal opportunity in radio – 2018–9 reports

Interactive data reports

Our interactive data reports includes employee diversity profiles for the TV and radio industries in the UK since 2018, including for individual broadcasters and the industry as a whole.

Diversity figures across the broadcasting industry

Detailed figures for the main eight broadcasters

Ofcom's wider diversity work

We carry out a broad range of work relating to diversity in broadcasting.

We review how well the public service broadcasters (PSBs) – BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and S4C – are meeting additional duties relating to diversity

We hold the PSBs to account for requirements relating to regional TV production and programming

We assess the BBC’s performance against diversity-related obligations in our annual reports on the BBC.

We hold Channel 4 to account for diversity-related obligations, including in our latest periodic review (PDF, 811.7 KB).

We enforce our broadcasting code rules, which include that broadcasters must apply ‘generally accepted standards’ to the contents of TV and radio programmes.

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