Diversity and equal opportunities in radio

13 June 2018

This is Ofcom’s first report into diversity and equal opportunities in the radio industry. It highlights key findings from those radio broadcasters which Ofcom regulates and reveals how well they are doing when it comes to promoting equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

We have required broadcasters to provide data on the three characteristics where we have powers to do so: gender, racial group, and disability. In addition, we have requested information on other ‘protected characteristics’ in the Equality Act 2010: age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity, and gender reassignment.

Our report focuses on the main three radio broadcasters: the BBC, Global and Bauer.

It is part of Ofcom’s annual Diversity in Broadcasting monitoring programme.

Supporting content

Diversity and equal opportunities in radio – Methodology (PDF, 4.2 MB)

Watch: Radio industry figures respond to Ofcom’s findings

Watch: Interview with Sharon White, Ofcom Chief Executive