Monitoring and reviewing

Ongoing monitoring helps assess whether your organisation is meeting the goals set out in your equality policy and supporting action plan.

While some broadcasters may already be using some form of monitoring, either because of HR requirements or as part of the Project Diamond programme, it’s important that every organisation monitors progress against their strategy.

All but the smallest broadcasters must, under their Ofcom licences, put in place arrangements for promoting equal employment opportunities between men and women, people from different racial groups, and disabled people. Broadcasters must publish observations on the operation and effectiveness of their arrangements, at least annually. For more information on Ofcom’s annual Diversity in Broadcasting monitoring programme please see the latest report.

You should explain to your staff  why you’re collecting this information and how you’ll keep employees’ personal data safe.

Guidance on these areas, and justifications for monitoring staff make-up, are provided below. Further information can be found in the ACAS guide on preventing discrimination and supporting equality and the EHRC guide on Diversity monitoring in professional bodies.