Overview of Ofcom’s work on diversity and equality 2018/19

14 February 2018

Promoting greater diversity within broadcasting is a priority for Ofcom, and we are working with the industry and government to make progress.

Together we have a crucial part to play in creating the conditions and shaping the culture, to ensure that what we watch on our screens reflects the make-up of society. There is much that Ofcom can do to tackle barriers, share information, provide guidance and shine a spotlight on what’s working – and what isn’t.

Our focus is not just on who we see and hear, but the people behind the scenes too.

As well as expecting broadcasters to reflect cultural diversity on screen and on air, we expect them to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity behind the camera and the microphone too.  We want to see them taking bold and positive steps to broaden the make-up of everyone they work with and to foster a working culture of collaboration and inclusion.

We are arranging to meet in the spring with the heads of the five main broadcasters to discuss the steps they are taking to improve diversity within their organisations.

This summit will provide an opportunity for a full and frank discussion of the challenges faced and the initiatives taken which have helped bring about change, and will help to share and promote best practice throughout the industry.

Ofcom is undertaking a range of work in 2018 which relates to diversity in broadcasting.

Many areas of our work programme for 2018/19 relate to diversity. Some of this stems from our new role regulating the BBC, some relates to our broader duties regarding public service broadcasters and the wider broadcast landscape.

Below, we set out a brief overview of this work, explaining how each relates to diversity. We also provide an indication of our timings for this work, and highlight when and where we will seek external input to ensure that we reflect the views of interested parties.