Engineering Code

25 May 2006

This Code is based on the provisions of the Broadcasting Act 1990 and the Broadcasting Act 1996, the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 and the Communications Act 2003. It applies to all analogue local and national Independent Radio services, Community Radio services, BBC services and restricted services, other than where exceptions are detailed herein.

Ofcom will amend and re-issue this code from time to time as it thinks appropriate; it will require compliance with the most recent code and subsequent variations thereto which it has published.

It will be the responsibility of Broadcasting Act and Wireless Telegraphy Act licence holders1 to ensure compliance with the requirements of this code as applied to the technical characteristics set out in those licences, and to comply with any other specific requirement which may be notified by Ofcom from time to time. Each licensee shall nominate a person, or organisation with a nominated contact, as responsible for maintenance and operation of the transmission equipment; the licensees and all relevant employees and contractors thereof should be familiar with the contents of this code and able to secure compliance with it.

Ofcom Site Engineering Code for Analogue Radio Broadcast Transmission Systems (PDF, 153.7 KB)


1. The BBC’s services are regulated by the BBC Trust and not licensed under the Broadcasting Act.