Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2017

07 July 2017

This report provides information about how the television public service broadcasters are performing in terms of delivering public service programmes. The public service broadcasters are those providing Channel 3 services, Channel 4, Channel 5, S4C and the BBC. While all BBC public service television channels are PSB channels, only the main channels of each of the other PSBs have this status.

The report looks at what these broadcasters are spending on programmes and the amount of different types of programmes they show. It also looks at the extent to which audiences are watching public service programmes, and how satisfied they are with them. The document is focused on data from the broadcasters themselves (output and spend), on industry data (BARB data) and on feedback from audiences via a tracking survey. Interpretation of that evidence is beyond the scope of this document; policy implications may be covered elsewhere using this as an evidence resource.

Alongside its PSB reviews, Ofcom has a specific duty to carry out reviews of the extent to which Channel 4 Corporation has discharged its media content duties. Ofcom published such a review in 2015 and has also published its responses to Channel 4 Corporation’s annual statements of media content policy.

At the time of publication, Ofcom is consulting on a BBC operating licence which will impose a set of new regulatory conditions on the BBC. The BBC’s compliance with these will in future will be covered in a separate annual report on the BBC, and the consultation also sets out Ofcom’s proposal to publish annually a research report providing an overview of the BBC’s performance.

This is an annual statistical report: the 2017 edition includes data for the whole of the calendar year 2016.

Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Adroddiad Ymchwil Blynyddol ar Ddarlledu Gwasanaeth Cyhoeddus (PSB) 2017 (PDF, 1.5 MB)