Award of grants 2011/12 Round 2

06 February 2012

Ofcom's Community Radio Fund Panel met on Monday 30 January to consider applications for the second round of grant awards for 2011/12. In summary, at the time of the meeting:

  • The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has allocated £442,000 for the Community Radio Fund for 2011/12 (a further £20,000 was allocated by DCMS to other community radio projects)
  • In the first round of funding in June 2011, the Panel made grants totalling £225,403, leaving £216,597
  • A further £20,548 was returned to the fund from previous grant recipients bringing the total amount available in this round of grants to £237,145
  • 63 applications were considered
  • Funding applications totalled £1,116,361
  • 16 applicants were awarded grants which totalled £237,145
  • 47 applicants were not awarded a grant

Second round of applications for funding in 2011/12

The Panel reviewed each application and awarded funding based on the information provided, and with reference to the Community Radio Fund guidance notes. The Panels decisions were for:

  • a full award;
  • a partial award; or
  • not to award any funding.

The average grant in this round was £14,821; the average grant for individual station awards, that is excluding the grants benefiting more than one station, was £13,569. A table setting out the awards is at the end of this statement.


The Panel considers promoting long-term sustainability a critical, core activity, and will take special note of novel proposals that have this aim, such as those focusing on fundraising and business development. The Panel also continues to believe there is scope for collaborative working or joint applications from stations.

Applications for the first round of funding in 2012/13

  • Application will be invited on 9 April 2012, with a closing date of 11 May 2012.
  • The Panel will meet to make decisions on these applications on 25 June 2012.
  • £429,000 will be available for the 2012/13 Fund period.

The Panel will give priority to those applicants who have not received funding in previous years. However, the Panel would urge all applicants to take note of the remarks outlined above.