Review of wholesale digital television broadcasting platforms

10 October 2006


Scope of the review

1.1 This document sets out the scope and timetable for Ofcom’s review of wholesale digital television broadcasting platforms.

1.2 In Ofcom’s 2006/7 Annual Plan , it was announced that Ofcom would carry out a substantial amount of work to promote competition in broadcasting markets, including analysing the degree of competition between different broadcasting platforms. In Ofcom’s very recent review of the Technical Platform Services (TPS) Guidelines , Ofcom stated that this analysis would feed into a market review to consider appropriate regulation.

1.3 This review, which commenced in July 2006, will involve, where appropriate, an analysis of relevant market(s) and assessment(s) of market power. Ofcom expects that this market analysis will inform its review of regulation in two distinct areas:

  • a review of appropriate conditional access (CA), access control (AC) and electronic programming guide (EPG) listing regulation; and
  • a review of the fair and effective competition conditions contained in the Digital Terrestrial Television multiplex licences.

The full document is available below: