Rules, procedures and fees

Published: 6 March 2024
Last updated: 24 June 2024

Ofcom regulates editorial content (programming) on UK video-on-demand services.

Providers of on-demand programme services (ODPS) are required by law to notify us before their service begins, and to let us know if the service closes or undergoes significant changes. These criteria and the content standards requirements are set out in Section 4A of the Communications Act 2003 (“the Act”).

On 1 November 2020, the Audiovisual Media Services (“AVMS”) Regulations came into force. The Regulations amend Part 4A the Act. We have updated our rules, guidance and notification documents to reflect these amendments.

The On Demand Programme Service Rules set out the statutory requirements with which providers of on-demand programme services must comply. They cover both administrative and editorial rules. Our guidance is provided to assist ODPS providers in their understanding of how Ofcom interprets the Rules. We have also produced additional guidance on measures to protect users from harmful material.

On Demand Programme Rules and Guidance. (PDF, 285.3 KB)

Guidance for ODPS providers on measures to protect users from harmful material (PDF, 261.4 KB)

Guidance for ODPS providers on obligations relating to European works (PDF, 310.0 KB)

Ofcom’s fee structure for ODPS providers is tiered. Those providers with a turnover of under £10 million pay no fee and only those providers with a turnover in excess of £50 million paying the largest fee.

See the 2024/25 Fee Statement
Published 24 June 2024

This document outlines Ofcom’s procedures for the handling and resolution of complaints (or for the conduct of its own investigations) about potential breaches of rules applying to on-demand programme services (“ODPS”) by ODPS providers.

Procedures for investigating breaches of rules for on-demand programme services (PDF, 234.7 KB)
Last updated 11 September 2023

This document outlines the procedures that Ofcom will normally follow when considering the determination of a sanction against the provider of an on-demand programme service (“ODPS”) for contravention of one (or more) of the requirements imposed on it under Part 4A of the Communications Act 20032 (the “Act”).

Procedures for the consideration of statutory sanctions arising in the context of on-demand programme services (PDF, 257.6 KB)
Last updated 3 April 2017

Ofcom regulates editorial content (programming) on UK video on-demand services. Before 1 January 2016 our co-regulator, the Authority for Television on Demand (ATVOD), led on this.

You can find information relating to ATVOD's term in the National Archives.

Our older rules and guidance (PDF, 215.0 KB) is for reference only, and relates to earlier versions of the administrative and editorial content rules. This guidance was produced by the predecessor regulator ATVOD.

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